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Silverleaf Assessment Fees On the Rise

Castle Law Group has received intelligence from our existing clients and outside sources that Silverleaf is requiring owners to pay hundreds of dollars in “assessment fees”, in addition to their constantly rising maintenance fees. What are “assessment fees”? Assessments fees are fees, above and beyond normal maintenance fees and any financing payments. Timeshare companies [...]

What is Timeshare Rescission?

Timeshare rescission is the process of cancelling your timeshare contract within the rescission period, also known as the cooling-off period. The ability to cancel a timeshare contract in this period is regulated by state law in most states in the United States, and by PROFECO in Mexico. Every timeshare contract has a built-in rescission [...]

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Timeshare Prices Increase Every Year

Timeshare prices are higher this year by every metric according to the most recent data available. Every timeshare owner knows that the purchase price of a timeshare is not the end of timeshare prices. All of the expenses associated with owning a timeshare have increased again. These costs include the purchase price and maintenance [...]

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Top 10 Timeshare Lies

The most common timeshare complaints Castle Law Group hears from clients are the following timeshare lies and fraudulent claims: 1. Timeshares Are Financial Investments: Many prospective timeshare purchasers are told that their timeshare is a financial investment and their property will increase in value. This is a lie. Timeshares depreciate in value as soon as [...]

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My Timeshare Resort Was Sold; Now What?

Has your small timeshare resort been sold to a large timeshare developer? Are you confused about what this means for your ownership? There are many reasons for big timeshare companies to purchase smaller ones and these mergers and acquisitions have a significant impact on individual owners. So what exactly happens when your “mom and [...]

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