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Silverleaf Assessment Fees On the Rise

Castle Law Group has received intelligence from our existing clients and outside sources that Silverleaf is requiring owners to pay hundreds of dollars in “assessment fees”, in addition to their constantly rising maintenance fees. What are “assessment fees”? Assessments fees are fees, above and beyond normal maintenance fees and any financing payments. Timeshare companies [...]

Timeshare Rescission Periods By State

Are you still in your timeshare rescission period? Use the guide below to see if you can cancel your contract and receive a full refund without engaging an attorney. Remember, timeshare rescission periods are based on the state or country you purchased in, not the state you live in, since many people buy a timeshare [...]

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Castle Law Group Pursuing Legal Action Against RedWeek

Castle Law Group is currently pursuing legal action against RedWeek.com, a timeshare resale company with an active forum on their website. By allowing anonymous and fictitious postings to defame Castle Law and their clients, RedWeek.com’s forum is hosting defamatory content about Castle Law Group. This in an attempt to protect their own interests and [...]

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What is Timeshare Rescission?

Timeshare rescission is the process of cancelling your timeshare contract within the rescission period, also known as the cooling-off period. The ability to cancel a timeshare contract in this period is regulated by state law in most states in the United States, and by PROFECO in Mexico. Every timeshare contract has a built-in rescission [...]

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Timeshare Prices Increase Every Year

Timeshare prices are higher this year by every metric according to the most recent data available. Every timeshare owner knows that the purchase price of a timeshare is not the end of timeshare prices. All of the expenses associated with owning a timeshare have increased again. These costs include the purchase price and maintenance [...]

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Special Message for Diamond Resorts Owners in Arizona

Are you a Diamond Resorts International owner in Arizona? You may qualify for a special release program.

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Timeshare Financing is a Poor Financial Choice

Timeshare financing is one of the worst financial decisions you can make. The consequences can go far beyond paying absurdly high interest rates for a purchase with no real monetary value.

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Are Timeshares a Good Investment?

Are timeshares a good investment? This is a question that we hear often from potential clients. The answer depends on what you mean by “investment.” Are timeshares a good investment for spending time with family and friends? Maybe. If you are able to get good use out of a timeshare then maybe it would be [...]

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Free Timeshare Vacations Are Not Really Free

Free timeshare vacations are a popular marketing tactic for timeshare companies to use. Free timeshare vacations are actually a bait and switch scam.

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Why Timeshare Companies Prey on the Middle Class

Middle class families are the ideal customers for timeshare companies that value profit over usability. Don't let the industry take advantage of you.

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