As a law firm, Castle Law Group takes pride in offering complete customer care to all of our clients throughout the legal timeshare cancellation process.


Nothing makes us feel better than a happy client with a cancelled timeshare contract, settlement agreement, or successfully litigated complaint.

Below is a sampling of what some of our past clients have to say about their experience working with Castle Law Group. But don’t just take their word for it! Give us a call today to learn why working with a law firm is the best choice to get rid of your timeshare for good.



The number of clients we’ve helped from across the country and all walks of life. From young families to seniors: Castle Law Group is on your side.

Millions of Dollars

A conservative estimate of the money we’ve saved our clients. This includes saved legal fees, mortgage payments, maintenance fees, special assessments, and the cost of trying to get rid of a timeshare without the help of a licensed attorney.

Twenty Minutes

All it takes to complete your FREE legal consultation to see if Castle Law Group can add you to our list of success stories next.

Overall Rating / 12 Total Testimonials

4.7 Out of
5 Stars

Castle Law Group, PC

5.0 out of 5 stars
- May 8, 2017

Amazing service! Really helped me out before I made a huge mistake recommended to anyone who is in time share trouble


5.0 out of 5 stars
- April 24, 2017

Incredibly prompt service that was easy to use and understand. Wonderful professionals that truly want to help people. If you have a timeshare issue call Castle Law. I am in no way being compensated or coerced by the aforementioned firm. Thank you for your help.


4.5 out of 5 stars
- March 31, 2017

Thank you Castle Law Group for helping us out to cancel our contract with Star Island Resort. We tried to do that for a very long time, untill Mr. Donald O'Keefe took the case in his own hands. Thanks to his excellent service, we are free now, from nothing, but expensive commitments every year.


4.5 out of 5 stars
- March 28, 2017

Castle Law Group was extremely helpful in helping us get rid of our timeshare. Their presentation to us was thorough and correct. There were no promises and their time estimates for resolution were accurate. It wasn't easy and it wasn't fast, but we did receive interim relief and were successful in the end.


5.0 out of 5 stars
- February 26, 2017

I would like to publicly thank and congratulate Castle Law Group on the successful cancellation of my timeshare. I am very pleased and happy that this event has finally completed and I can get on with my life. We used the timeshare every year and enjoyed the accommodations, however, the maintenance fees continued to rise every year and the points became less valuable. Then when my wife died, I didn't use the timeshare and tried to get rid of it. The timeshare company would not take it back and I couldn't sell or give it to anyone. Castle entered the picture and was very professional in keeping me fully informed in every step and process of cancellation and was able to get the timeshare company to accept the cancellation. Thank you Castle for your help. I love you.


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