Below is a timeshare rescission letter template that may be used to cancel your timeshare within your cancellation period. However, it may not be sufficient in all cases.


Though timeshare rescission periods are required by law for every timeshare sold in the United States, there is a lot of variation in how long the rescission period is, and how to take advantage of it. Unfortunately, timeshare developers do their best to hide the information you need to cancel your contract during this period.

Castle Law Group offers free consultations regarding rescission periods, as well as services to help you make sure you’ve cancelled during the rescission period. You may need Castle Law Group’s help with your rescission period because:

  • Every state has different rules and laws regarding rescission time periods and letters
  • It can be difficult to find the rescission requirements in your timeshare contract, including what must be in the letter and where to send it
  • Even if you do send your rescission letter in the required time period, the timeshare developer may fail to honor it

 Did you buy a Mexican timeshare? You DO have the right to rescind the contract within 5 days of purchase by PROFECO, the Mexican consumer protection agency. Use the template below, substituting in the correct information, and send the letter by certified mail to the resort as well as via email. If your resort DOES NOT honor your right to rescind, please call us immediately.

Need to know where to send your rescission letter?

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Timeshare Owner Name
City, ST Zip Code
Contact Phone Number
Fax Number
E-mail Address

Timeshare Company
City, ST Zip Code
Contact Phone Number
Fax Number
Current Date

Attention Customer Service,
I am writing to express my intent to cancel my timeshare contract. My name is (enter your name here) and I purchased a timeshare with (enter timeshare company) on (enter purchase date). As stated in the contract regarding this timeshare, I am writing to you within the rescission period to cancel this contract. I am entitled to this rescission period by the law of the state of (enter State here). [For Mexican timeshares, your are entitled to this rescission period by PROFECO]

Timeshare: Generic Name Resorts
Owner: Timeshare Owner Name
Contract Number: XXXXXXXX
Date of Purchase: XX-XX-XXXX

I’ve made the decision to cancel my contract for the following reasons:
1. E.g. I do not think I can afford to make the payments.

2. E.g. I felt I was pressured/misled/lied to in the timeshare sales presentation.

Again, I am cancelling my timeshare contract immediately. Please reply with a written response showing you have received my letter within the rescission period and are therefore cancelling my contract. I will also require the information needed to receive the full refund of my initial deposit.


Timeshare owner name