Castle Law Group is the leading law firm for legal timeshare cancellation in the United States. Our attorneys are experts in timeshare contracts, timeshare fraud, and timeshare scams. Castle has a dedicated legal timeshare cancellation team that includes attorneys, paralegals, and legal assistants all working to cancel your timeshare contract.

There are many options to choose from when you want to cancel your timeshare contract but Castle Law Group is the most reliable resource for unhappy timeshare owners. Our licensed attorneys are bound by Tennessee state law and regulatory agencies to provide the most complete care to our clients. Furthermore, non-attorney timeshare advocacy groups don’t have the same legal powers as Castle Law Group’s timeshare expert attorneys.

About Tennessee Legal Practice: In Tennessee, attorney conduct is regulated by the Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility, unlike most other states where the Bar Association serves that function. Membership to the Tennessee Bar Association is voluntary, but is a great resource for attorneys in the state.


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Judson Phillips is a seasoned litigation attorney and a former assistant district attorney in Memphis, TN. He has years of experience in dealing with timeshare developers and knows how to get results.

In addition to his litigation experience, Mr. Phillips has created strategies to negotiate legal timeshare cancellations for clients around the country. He is also interested in politics and has served in an advisory capacity in several Senate and Congressional campaigns, as well as a Presidential campaign. Judson is a member in good standing with the Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility.




Don Ferguson graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Charlotte School of Law in North Carolina. Mr. Ferguson joined the Castle Law Group legal team because he wanted to help victims of timeshare scams and fraud get justice from the timeshare developers.

Mr. Ferguson has extensive trial and courtroom experience. He is using that experience to develop relationships with timeshare developers through successful litigation. Don is a member in good standing with the Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility and the Tennessee Bar Association.

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