Consumer Advocate Office – SCAM ALERT

*Updated 03/17/17* A previous version of this article used an incorrect name to refer to this business, an error which we have now corrected. At the original time of publishing, Consumer Advocate Office had an F rating with the BBB. That rating has since changed to a B-.

It has come to our attention that a new timeshare relief scam has surfaced in the Mount Juliet TN area. Consumer Advocate Office, LLC has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau. This “advocacy group” is a scam that is looking to prey on timeshare owners desperate for help in getting rid of their timeshares.

So-called advocacy groups or timeshare cancellation companies CAN NOT CANCEL YOUR TIMESHARE. Consumer Advocate Office is no different. All this company can do is write letters to the resort, which are completely ignored by the timeshare developer. Unless you are being represented by an attorney, your timeshare will not be cancelled.

Many timeshare owners are desperate for help with their timeshare issues and end up falling victim to yet another scam. It’s important to remember that timeshare contracts are legal documents and the only people qualified to negotiate a legally binding timeshare cancellation are licensed attorneys. Timeshare fraud and scams are legal issues; get the legal help you deserve before working with a so-called advocacy group.

Castle Law Group has our offices in Nashville and we are very concerned about the trend of “timeshare advocacy groups” in the Middle Tennessee area. Consumer Advocate Office is the latest of these ineffective timeshare cancellation companies.

If you need timeshare assistance, consult an attorney FIRST. Castle Law Group offers free legal consultations to anyone with a question about timeshare issues, or Consumer Advocate Office.