Castle Law Group is currently pursuing legal action against, a timeshare resale company with an active forum on their website.

redweekBy allowing anonymous and fictitious postings to defame Castle Law and their clients,’s forum is hosting defamatory content about Castle Law Group. This in an attempt to protect their own interests and push timeshare owners into trying to rent or resell their timeshare instead of fighting timeshare fraud.

Castle Law Group’s mission is to change the timeshare industry, one client at a time, and eliminate timeshare fraud once and for all. This will lead to a huge reduction in timeshare sales, which will also hurt the bottom line of resellers like is an “Advertising/Resale” member of ARDA, the American Resort Developer’s Association.

The list of Directors of the Board of ARDA reads like a laundry list of timeshare bigwigs. ARDA is built to protect the interests of timeshare developers and resellers, like, and all the resorts that perpetuate timeshare fraud.

In fact, ARDA is heavily involved in lobbying for legislation that hurts timeshare owners and consumers while lining the pockets of its Board by making it easier for developers to take advantage of consumers. Specifically, ARDA supported Florida HB 453, which makes it harder for consumers to fight against fraudulent sales practices by the timeshare developers, and allows developers to charge owners even higher fees.

Castle Law Group wants to put the resorts and companies that benefit from timeshare fraud out of business. We are not members of ARDA because we believe the timeshare industry is too tainted by fraud to continue functioning as it has been.

Do not let the comments on, a site that is in bed with the timeshare developers, deter you from working to end timeshare fraud with Castle Law Group.