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What are Timeshare Attorneys?

Timeshare attorneys have experience with timeshare laws and contracts.

Most family attorneys don’t take cases that involve timeshare issues. Timeshare fraud cases require in-depth knowledge of contract and real estate law, and lead to litigation. You should consult with a timeshare attorney if you believe you’ve been the victim of a timeshare scam.

Timeshare attorneys handle cases of timeshare fraud, scams, misrepresentation, and financial hardship. If you no longer want your timeshare, Castle Law Group may be able to help you.


Timeshare owners need a qualified attorney who can negotiate with the timeshare companies on their behalf. Castle Law Group provides a legal and final solution for their timeshare issues.

Judson Phillips

Castle Law Group, Senior Partner


Who Can We Help?

Castle Law Group’s legal consultations are available to anyone with a timeshare issue or question.

  1. Timeshare owners that can’t afford their timeshare anymore
  2. Owners that have failed to sell their timeshare
  3. Owners that have failed to sell their timeshare
  4. Timeshare owners that missed their rescission period
  5. Consumers thinking about purchasing a timeshare
  6. Family members concerned about a loved one’s timeshare purchase
  7. Owners with questions about their timeshare contract
  8. Timeshare owners with questions about willing a timeshare in their estate

Timeshare Attorneys vs. “Advocacy Companies”

Have you already been looking at how to get rid of your timeshare? Here’s how we stack up against the competition.

Features timeshare-img Advocacy Companies
Legal Timeshare Cancellation timeshare-img-2 timeshare-img-3
Timeshare Litigation timeshare-img-2 timeshare-img-3
Free Legal Advice timeshare-img-2 timeshare-img-3
Other Legal Services timeshare-img-2 timeshare-img-3
Personal Information Protection timeshare-img-2 timeshare-img-3
Attorney-Client Privilege timeshare-img-2 timeshare-img-3
Licensed Attorneys timeshare-img-2 timeshare-img-3
Legally Binding Agreements timeshare-img-2 timeshare-img-3
Stress Free Process timeshare-img-2 timeshare-img-3

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